Energy efficiency

The concept of energy efficiency has two possible meanings, one of which relates to devices, and the other on the measures and behavior. Under an energy efficient device, we consider one that has a high degree of efficiency or small losses during the transformation of energy to another one. When it comes to measures, energy efficiency includes measures to be applied in order to reduce energy consumption. Regardless of whether it is technical or non-technical measures or just about changes in behavior, all the measures include the same or even higher level of comfort and standard.

The realization of projects that improve energy efficiency, DCG wants to contribute to the awareness of and the importance of knowledge on possible energy efficient measures, thus contributing to a more rational use of energy in the region, reducing the need for new energy capacities and thereby the best way to join the global efforts for environmental protection.

Identifying problems in the field of energy efficiency, education, local authorities and local communities for the process of improvement of energy efficiency and the rationalization of energy use in municipalities and public utilities are just some of the expertise that our consultants can offer, also through the process of identifying a common problems of local communities and prioritization, both citizens and local governments could create a better environment for successful policy-making at the local level.

The rational use of electricity is a symbol of energy efficiency - planning and preparation is also an important part of the process. DCG's experience managing energy efficiency can be applied to several countries in the region (Bulgaria, Turkey) as well as in more than 30 municipalities in Serbia. We have created a needs assessment study of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects of local authorities and the private sector in the 12 countries in Southeast Europe, we have also worked with public and private sectors in the development of a market for renewable energy sources, we have created investment strategies and projects EE/RE for private sector obtained through analysis and performed comparative studies and key findings of the municipal energy efficiency management that we also implemented.


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