Emergency management

Emergency management is the creation of plans through which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. It doesn’t necessarily avert or eliminate the threats but instead, focuses on creating plans to decrease the effect. Failure to create a plan could lead to human mortality, lost revenue, and damage to assets. Events covered by emergency management include acts of terrorism, industrial accidents, fire, natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, etc.), public disorder and communication failures. If possible, emergency planning should aim to prevent emergencies from occurring, and failing that, should develop a good action plan to mitigate the results and effects of any emergencies. The seven phases of emergency management include: prevention, mitigation, preparedness, local emergency planning committees, preparedness measures, response and recovery.

DCG used its training expertise to increase Serbian local government capacities to adequately respond to emergency situations by introducing them to a sustainable and systemic approach to disaster management working with Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI). Not only was DCG involved in training and improving existing training materials and modules, our experts prepared PPES local government disaster management process certification guidelines as well as a PPES certification manual for local government enhanced disaster resilience status/qualification. Our consultants provided excellent institution and capacity building to the National Training Center for Emergency Management which significantly improved emergency management mechanisms for crisis response in Serbia.

DCG was actively engaged in the transition of the USAID-funded program of the Economic Security Project (ESP) from the Preparedness, Planning and Economic Security (PPES). This shift now focused an overall emphasis to economic security related issues which required different information management tools and techniques than previously applied to the program. DCG provided technical assistance to increase visibility procedures by preparing a comprehensive communications plan to disperse the message of the project to relevant stakeholders and high profile media.