Training design and delivery


DCG is able to adapt extensive and strong facilitation and training experience for various sectors and topics which include skills-building in introducing and managing municipal processes, internal management, as well as financial and logistical capacities to assure uninterrupted work flow.  DCG experts have designed and facilitated trainings to municipalities on subjects such as legal framework for business start-up, retention and expansion, tools for business start-up, LED database establishment, etc. Furthermore, we have facilitated trainings in basic principles of property management, tools and techniques of database use. We deliver our trainings by providing guidebooks, such as detailing evaluation processes for municipalities and evaluators for BFC as well as LED Office Organization and HR development, LED databases, LED tools and techniques.



Curriculum development           

Preparation of training materials

Stakeholder inclusion to develop training

Publication of training materials

Follow-up and provide additional information post-training