Strategic planning


DCG understands that the main focus of the facilitation of strategic planning process is to implement a systematic change management tool. DCG employs participatory planning as an instrument for reaching a consensus at the local community level and creating a common vision of economic growth and improved quality of life.

DCG sees strategic planning as a creative process of identifying issues which are critical for successful community development, as well as deciding on the programmes and projects which need to be implemented in order to fulfill the goals and objectives set.

Strategic planning allows communities to combine long-term perspectives (vision, goals and objectives) with short-term measures (programmes and projects), based on a thorough analysis of the current community’s status and understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

DCG fosters a highly participatory approach, based on wide involvement of all stakeholders at the local level throughout the strategic planning and implementation processes.



Application of participatory planning methodology

Support in the preparation of community profile

Facilitation of creating visions and the development of goals and objectives

Definition of programs and projects

Support to implementation planning

Monitoring and evaluation of strategic plan implementation