Research and analysis


DCG has many years of experience in providing research and analysis services to clients to provide socio-economic, political and environmental information necessary for clients to achieve desired project outcomes. Providing exhaustive research allows our clients to incorporate all necessary information to plan achievable goals and outcomes and the right activities to do so.

DCG uses its self-developed methods of applied research, which involves field and office work, where a team of experts evaluate and provide recommendations on how to improve and achieve desired outcomes. Our economic analyses are used by both private sector and municipal governments to improve investment potential and solve local development issues.

DCG has exhaustive experiences in working with public and private sector partners to work on tackling industry sector issues such as: addressing private sector needs and markets, employing a skilled labour force, improving product range capacities, implementing PPD practices in municipalities, as well as analyzing current status and potential for brownfield investments in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Applying our own methodologies, we continue to further develop municipal capacity for managing resources, economic policies, strategies and measures and financial capacities.


Designing and conducting tailored methods of research and analysis

Field and office work in conducting surveys, interviews, questionnaires

Stakeholder analysis: identifying all relevant and existing ones

Developing IT solutions for data collection and databases