Project management


DCG has over 10 years of experience in project management focusing on donor-based projects in the Balkans and are considered to be among the pioneers in introducing good governance and local economic development concepts, methodologies and tools which are currently widely applied in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans.

The company has extensive experience in monitoring, evaluation and reporting, and a successful track record of designing and implementing methodologies and tools used to monitor and measure local government capacities and competencies. DCG also brings strong facilitation and training skills in introducing and managing municipal processes, as well as internal management, financial and logistical capacities to assure uninterrupted work flow.   

Being widely present in the Western Balkans, we combine international standards, contemporary approaches and best practice examples with the knowledge of the local mind, setting and needs, in order to create tailored-made instruments, applicable in the specific context of the country and are constantly innovating, in order to improve existing effective methodologies and tools and design new ones.



Consortium management

Define methodologies and set up baseline indicators for assessment

Questionnaire and plan of municipal visits to conduct field assessments

SWOT analysis

Monitoring and evaluation

Plan for the design of follow-up activities