Organizational development


DCG provides services dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people through organizational learning, knowledge management and transformation of organizational norms and values to rapidly changing political, social and economic environments.

DCG’s expert consultants deliver recommendations to improve performance and effective operation of staff within an organization to work more harmoniously and achieved shared goals. DCG is specialized in capacity building and strengthening the local development management function through trainings, seminars and workshops to local municipal government staff.

DCG’s services include baseline assessments of the context, current status, knowledge and skill gaps of the stakeholders involved in a planned intervention, in order to properly formulate objectives and recognize risks, as well as to set-up an appropriate monitoring and evaluation framework, develop and apply adequate methodologies and tools such as public-private dialogue (PPD) mechanisms for local governments and promoting municipal-business friendliness.



Problem identification and situational assessment through field assessments and interviews

SWOT analyses and reformulation of strategic goals, specific objectives, programmes and projects

Facilitation of focus groups of various stakeholders

Implementation of designed interventions via a “block-building” approach