Monitoring and evaluation


DCG's scalable solutions to it's clients monitoring and evaluation M&E needs overcome common issues of M&E timeliness, expense and complexity through:

Speed - DCG provides M&E systems that deliver managers real-time feedback about the status and effectiveness of their programs, permitting immediate project/program adjustments to be made when necessary.

Simplicity - Use of indices, surveys, and other highly targeted data collection methods, allowing managers access to pertinent information with which to make informed decisions.

Value - Tailored M&E systems that are appropriate to the size and scope of a client’s program – whether from €500 grants to €30 million, multi-sector integrated projects.

DCG is experienced in performance monitoring planning, work planning, index creation, survey design, personnel performance planning, program and project evaluation, sector assessments, grant monitoring, impact assessment, and client satisfaction measurement.



Scoping, designing and implementing M&E systems.

Monitoring organizational and personnel performance.

Designing performance and work planning systems.

Conducting surveys, program and project evaluations, sector assessments, grants monitoring, impact assessments, client satisfaction measures.

Creating and implementing capacity indexes.