Moderation and facilitation


With many years of experience and participation in various events, DCG’s experts have been able to distinguish between the different roles of moderation and facilitation. DCG has a proven methodology of moderating meetings, events, networks and communities, focused on keeping the information and communication flow clear and accessible to all who participate, at all times. In this sense, the moderator is an information manager. To the contrary, the facilitator of meetings, events, networks and communities is much more visible and active. Our experts steer the communication flow and keep it on track, focusing on including all participants in the discussion, even the ones who are less comfortable with speaking and contributing, ensuring all voices are heard and discussion is vibrant, interesting and useful to those who participate. These proven techniques in moderation and facilitation of events are what distinguish DCG in the region as trusted moderators and facilitators.



Facilitation of trainings

Facilitation of participatory processes

Moderation of the Strategic Planning Committee meetings and sectoral working groups

Facilitation of focus groups various stakeholders at local level

Online mentorship exchange

Support in planning, preparations and realization of PPD bodies meetings

International conference regarding energy efficiency in buildings

Organized study tours and training in LED office best practices