Methodologies and tools development


DCG has extensive experience and a successful track record of designing and implementing tailored methodologies and tools depending on the needs of clients used to monitor and measure local government capacities and competencies. By applying innovative methods, we create sustainable solutions and also create IT tools that are results oriented.

DCG employs a standardized approach that was developed in 2011 with the introduction of local strategic planning in the region and has contributed to making a positive shift towards systematic, effective and sustainable local development. Since then, nearly 60% of local governments have developed and adopted local strategies and many of them use the MiPRO methodology.

DCG has become well-familiar with the MiPRO methodology standardized approach. Recently, the LGUs have started using the MiPRO methodology, which has introduced integrated approach in the strategic planning process and, more importantly, its subsequent implementation, to develop their own local development strategies. In 2014-2015, DCG provided capacity development technical assistance to the municipalities in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in their process of operationalization of adopted 10-year integrated local development strategies.



Participation of all relevant stakeholders throughout the process of planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting

Preparation of assessment methodology and tools for the client

Interactive approach, including field work and specifically tailored trainings

Creating and conducting methodologies according to MiPRO standards

Creating innovative IT tools adapted to clients needs