IT Solutions


Enhance development activities and increase productivity with complementary IT systems, tailored to client needs and local conditions.

DCG – with its partner Vihor D.O.O. Niš, Serbia – provides clients with tailored software solutions to enhance productivity and make development interventions more effective.

DCG/Vihor’s LEDIS software product allows economic development offices to better and more easily compile, save and use data pertaining to local resources, stakeholders, land use, businesses, demographics, and other pertinent information that can assist government in promotion of local business and attract investment. LEDIS is currently distributed in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, but it can be tailored to economic development operations in any venue.

DCG/Vihor’s PROMIS software product gives project managers instant access to vital project information, because it allows managers to easily arrange and record project data. Nearly all types of information – internal or external – that a project generates or which pertains to a project: project formulation, tendering, implementation, financial, a project’s environment, client information, etc., can be assembled and managed under PROMIS. Currently in use in Serbia, PROMIS can be individually tailored to any specific project and development entity.

DCG/Vihor’s e-Procurement software product allows public procurement professionals to plan, budget, prepare, tender and award, and execute public procurement actions with access to all needed information and activities at their finger-tips and on their computer screens. The software tool can be tied into procurement entity budgeting and treasury systems to control expenditures, and external reports (mandatory or otherwise) to public procurement oversight agencies are possible as well. Currently in use in Serbia, the software product can be tailored to support any EU-type procurement system, as well as systems modeled after the UNCITRAL Model Law on Public Procurement.



Operating existing IT and communications technology

Procuring and installing municipal accounting and budgeting system software

Developing and fielding e-procurement software for public budget entities

Providing IT related training to government officials

Installing internet-based information management systems

Designing and installing software for Citizen Assistance and One-Stop Permitting Centers