Editing and publishing


Our high quality experts ensure the preparation of publications are professional and meet all requirements.  DCG has a self-tailored system in report-writing including key findings, lessons learned and recommendations in English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Macedonian, Albanian languages.

As well as being experts in providing trainings, DCG prepares training materials, graphics, and course manuals to deliver effective and engaging training seminars for key stakeholders. DCG oversaw the translation and publication of Corrupt Cities in Macedonian, Albanian and Serbian languages as well.



Design and printing of strategic documents such as LED action plans, Sustainable Development Strategies, etc.

Professional business offering packages and teasers for brownfield investment locations in south-eastern Serbia

Brochure design

Worked with a design company to prepare an approved concept for publication

Project Action Plan writing, printing and publicizing

LED handbooks training materials