Capacity development


Increasing and improving government and public enterprise capacity to manage operations and administration, conduct strategic planning and implement decisions, maximize efficiency of resource expenditures, and expand and improve citizen services.

DCG’s key expert consultants are experienced in assisting governments and related institutions, such as public enterprises, with increasing their organizational capacities to successfully manage operations and make critical decisions that result in success. DCG can call upon experts who are leaders in their sectors of government and communal enterprises to provide hands-on capacity development assistance to clients. 

DCG's consultants screen and analyze existing client work processes, identify strong and weak points in management and operations structure, then first redevelop the management process before setting up procedures and reporting systems. To the extent possible, client solutions are built upon already existing processes, requiring a minimum of disturbance of the client’s operations. 

DCG is experienced in providing user-friendly IT solutions for enhanced client performance and increased efficiency. Its staff knows how to guide municipal staff through IT system adjustments that can significantly improve operations in communal enterprises and municipal administration, create savings in operating budgets, and provide increased efficiency and better services to citizens.



Integrating strategic planning and decision making processes into organizational activities

Improving government data management

Establishing government and public enterprise reporting systems

Introducing management reporting systems

Improving organizational work processes

Implementing human resources training

Introducing use of CitiStat management/accountability systems