Development of a Management Information and Benchmarking System for Water and Sewerage Companies in Small and Medium-Sized Municipalities in Serbia (Programmes I-V, Phase)


Ongoing project since 2017

SETEC Engineering GmbH & Co KG

Funded by KfW

Development of an innovative software solution for monitoring key performance indicators of public companies dealing with water supply and sewerage and support to benchmarking activities in the water and sewerage sector.

The assisted PUCs lack adequate management capacities. Data are, generally, not kept systematically and are not regularly updated, which ultimately leads to a lack of accountability and transparency. There is no consistency and hardly any institutional memory. Performance indicators are neither clearly defined, nor monitored. Management information is produced ad hoc, and reporting is time-consuming and perceived as a distracting activity. The PUCs billing and accounting systems have limited reporting capacities. Accuracy of data is not properly verified and, thus, reports are not always reliable. 

Establishment of an effective and efficient management system (MIS) should be an effective tool in improving the PUCs capacity, accountability, transparency and data management capacities. The MIS will be developed as a response to the public utility companies’ need to bring all data on financial, commercial and technical operations together and allow them to manage the company’s resources in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Project activities – DCG

  • Improvement and further programming of the MIS
  • Support to 24 PUC’s in MIS implementation
  • Monitoring of the key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Development of a benchmarking system
  • MIS- and benchmarking- related training activities (workshops and on-the-job training)
  • Development of a Rulebook on the MIS use