Provision of Consulting Services to GIZ ProLocal Partner Municipalities in the Area of LED and Establishing a PPD



Support to public-private dialogue (PPD) in the municipalities of Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče by establishing and strengthening of LED offices and LED staff capacity building in the municipalities of Konjic, Jablanica and Prozor-Rama

In line with GIZ ProLocal objective to support the joint efforts of public, private and civil sector in improvement of competitiveness of a location, partner municipalities require technical assistance in establishing an institutional and regulatory framework and staff capacity building for LED, as well as boosting the local economy and involvement of all relevant stakeholders in public-private dialogue (PPD), which would result in LED initiatives that improve competitiveness.


Awareness-raising of municipal decision-makers and key executives (mayors, municipal council members, heads of municipal administration, LED agency managers, etc.) about the key concepts and benefits of the public-private dialogue

Field-assessment of the local private sector (visits to selected local SMEs and investors)

Analysis of the potential for private sector development and improved PPD

Preparation of recommendations for the mayors for establishment and supporting PPD

Technical assistance in the preparation and adoption of the municipal PPD policy, rulebook and procedures

Establishment of a standing body for conducting private-public dialogue and facilitation of meetings

Support to conducting a business attitude survey and analysis of results

Establishment of a framework for monitoring and evaluating PPD