Textile and Clothes Sector in Cross-Border Region Serbia - Bulgaria



DCG was contracted to develop a Study and analysis of the T&C sector in South, East and South-East Serbia in terms of product range and production capacity, and to Develop an Export Strategy for the T&C Sector in the cross-border region.

To achieve a potent exchange of best practices and collaborative regional planning and to ensure that the companies in the textile and clothing branch operating in the border region will be able to make use of the new market opportunities in the larger European Union through a thorough research and analysis of the current state of the clothing industry, the market and the labor resources, as well as to carry out practical transfer of knowledge and experience between the companies in both border countries


Research, analysis and evaluation of the production potential, product rage capacities, potential markets and employed labor force of the cross-border T&C companies

Transfer of knowledge, experience and best practices between all relevant stakeholders in the cross-border region  in regard to the new market opportunities and requirements in terms of the European standards towards the products, production  technologies and services

New effective mechanisms for exchange of business information which is relevant to the industry in the border regions

New added value in T&C Sector, through cross-border cooperation