Standardization of LED Services Project



The Municipal Economic Development in the Danube Region (KWD) project, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), sought to improve the economic livelihood of the population in Eastern Serbian municipalities by supporting LED activities aimed at creating job opportunities and local, regional and national policy makers in facilitating private sector development in the KWD region. In doing so, KWD helped RARIS to develop LED office capacities in the KWD partner municipalities. However, by 2011, it became apparent that LED offices in KWD municipalities were developing unequally, or in some instances, not performing key functions, due to lack of training and experience. RARIS sought assistance in standardizing LED office functions, in 10 KWD municipalities, as well as advancing the capacities of all 10 LED offices in an equal manner.

Technical assistance was provided to the Regional Development Agency for Eastern Serbia Development and 10 Eastern Serbian municipalities in standardization of the Local Economic Development (LED) offices function.


Organized study tours and conducted training in LED office best practices

Delivered advanced LED topic training

Provided tailored technical assistance to municipal LED offices

Assisted 5 KWD partner municipalities in obtaining Business Friendly Certification through documentation of LED practices and improvements in their LED processes