Local Economic Development Offices in 32 Municipalities



The USAID Sustainable Local Development Project (SLD) is a five-year program designed to improve the capacity of Serbian municipal governments, business advocacy groups, and civil society organizations in creating and implementing policies, procedures, and projects that will contribute to area-based economic development and good governance. By promoting inter-municipal collaboration in area-based programming and in the delivery of joint services, SLD will increase the efficiency and transparency of LGSU operations by helping create mechanisms for public input into the local government decision-making process and increasing opportunities for youth to become engaged in the economic and political life of their communities. SLD includes the following components: Inter-Municipal Cooperation Programming, Public Administration Reform, Youth Development and Participatory Mechanism.


Legal Framework for Business Start-up, Retention and Expansion

Tools and Techniques for Business Start-up, Retention and Expansion

LED Database Establishment, Maintenance and Use

Preparation of a Business Offering Plan

Action Planning for Support to SMEs in the Business Start-up, Retention and Expansion Phase