Introduction of the LEDIS in Serbian Municipalities



Since 2008, while providing local economic development (LED) technical assistance, training, and monitoring & evaluation services to over Serbian and Bosnian municipalities, DCG observed that LED officials and offices have been hampered by a lack of organization of information about their municipalities’ socio-economic characteristics, the resources available to promote and sustain LED, key stakeholders interested and/or available to participate in LED activities, available locations for investments, local SMEs, and other relevant information needed to successfully manage most common LED functions. For that reason, DCG self-funded the development of the Local Economic Development Information System (LEDIS), while the development team greatly relied on the participatory input of the GIZ-KWD Phase 1 partner municipalities (Golubac, Majdanpek, Sokobanja and Zaječar). These 4 municipalities received the software free of charge, to further test and validate the tool and pilot its implementation in their everyday LED practice. Today, Zaječar, Negotin, Sokobanja and Kladovo are among the best LEDIS users in Serbia.


Installed LEDIS in the LED offices of the Serbian municipalities of Veliko Gradište, Kladovo, Negotin, Boljevac and Bor, participating in GIZ’s Municipal Economic Development in the Danube Region (KWD) project

Trained the municipalities for its use

Continued to provide technical assistance and further, general LED consultancy

Continued to improve LEDIS and integrate additional modules, based on the feedback received from municipalities