Development of LED Strategies and Establishment of LED Offices



GTZ under it`s Municipal Economic Development in the Danube Region - (KWD) project, realized that Serbia’s local governments were not significantly promoting economic and social development: offering few follow-up services to SMEs, under-utilizing existing financing potential and available authorities. LED strategies were only partially implemented where existing. Instead of coordinating their economic development efforts with others, local governments were competing with others without considering the benefits of a coordinated approach to development. With only a rudimentary capacity to control local economic policy, local governments were not linking the national and local levels, nor coordinating participation in development between the state, the private sector and civil society.


Trained various target groups about relevant LED topics

Organized public hearings with relevant community sectors during the development of LED strategies

Nurtured close relationships among local government officials throughout the strategy development process, including them in all relevant training, events and overall strategy development

Prepared the final program Monitoring and Evaluation concept

Assessed the situation and needs related to establishment of LED offices in program municipalities and drafted the concept for their establishment

Created an action plan for strengthening existing LED offices

Developed organization charts, work activities plans, job descriptions for staff, training plans, etc., for new and existing LED offices