Assessment Study of Local and Regional Economic Development Project Partner Municipalities



BiH’s economy during the Socialist era was underlain by large, socialist enterprises. In the current, post-Socialist period, BiH’s attempt to transition to an economy based on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was hindered by underdevelopment and pressure from external competition due to the lifting of trade restrictions with other countries. Many BiH SMEs could not comply with EU quality and product safety requirements. Reforms and support programmes required for the SME sector had started slowly. BiH’s municipalities and their development agencies, as well as municipal and community associations, regional development agencies, etc., represented logical organisations to support various entrepreneurs and strengthen the BiH SME economy at the municipal and regional level; however, they often lacked the specialists, methods and resources needed to implement LED strategies.


Assessed the LED capacities of 17 GTZ/LRW partner and 6 control municipalities

Analyzed and compiled the data it gathered during its assessment

Prepared and presented a report as to its findings and recommendations to the client