USAID Government Accountability Initiative – Methodology for Coordination and Monitoring of Local Anti-Corruption Plans


The overall objective of this assignment was to develop comprehensive methodology and mechanisms for coordination and monitoring of LAP implementation.

DCG project activities included:

1. Preparatory analysis:

·       Analysis of the Model LAP developed by ACA and adopted LAPs in at list five LSGs

·       Review of the main approaches in monitoring implementation of strategic documents and action

·       plans, especially at the level of local self-governments

·       Review existing methodologies and mechanisms for monitoring implementation of LAPs

2. Development of the draft methodology for LAP coordination and monitoring by LSGs and independent monitoring bodies that should, as a minimum, include:

·       General principles and approach for coordination and monitoring LAPs

·       Indicators for monitoring

·       Data sources and methodologies for data collection

·       Monitoring timelines, reporting and publicizing the reports

·       Other relevant information for efficient and effective monitoring and reporting

3. Conducting a workshop with LSGs, independent bodies for coordination and monitoring LAPs, and other stakeholders (ACA, SCTM, CSOs and other) with the aim to:

·       Present draft methodology for coordination and monitoring LAP

·       Collect inputs needed to finalize the proposed methodology for LAPs’ coordination and monitoring

4. Finalization of the methodology for monitoring LAP implementation

5. Briefings for USAID, ACA and GAI as requested