Examination of Status of Public Procurement Reform in Serbia

Examination of Status of Public Procurement Reform in Serbia


By 2006, over 87 Serbian municipalities and 46 public enterprises had received public procurement process training under the Serbia Local Government Reform Program (SLGRP).  In many cases, anecdotal evidence existed of improvement in public procurement function within the SLGRP municipalities with corresponding decrease in incidences of corruption within their operations.  This was especially true regarding the establishment of full-time public procurement offices or officials in roughly two thirds of the SLGRP municipalities.  However, the lasting impact of the training, including the ability of the newly created public procurement offices/officials to resist corrupt practices/influence, had never been objectively surveyed using empirical criteria.


Created relevant sampling content/methodology

Administered a field survey through interviews with selected local government officials

Performed data analysis

Prepared project report with findings and recommendations

Debriefed the client