Ex-post Evaluation of Three Norwegian-funded Projects

Ex-post Evaluation of Three Norwegian-funded Projects


Three Norwegian-funded projects in Serbia, undertaken between 2005-2008, in the areas of energy efficiency; social welfare/local development; public administration/finance, had been completed, but not evaluated, for identification of lessons learned, key findings and recommendations for future donor activities, if any. The challenge was not only to evaluate these projects, but to do so within the framework and methodology being established in Serbia under the Norwegian government-funded project, Introduction of Result-Oriented Monitoring and Evaluation System for External Aid, implemented with the Serbian Government’s Office for European Integration (SEIO).


Evaluated the management and decision-making processes related to 3 selected projects funded through Norwegian assistance.

Analyzed project accountability with respect to the use of project funds.

Examined the meaningfulness and relevance of the projects; the extent to which they were realistic and achievable; and whether they are sustainable.

Reviewed the outcomes, impacts and effects of the projects.

Examined the extent to which cross-cutting issues were included – particularly environmental, gender, minority and youth inclusion aspects – in projects.

Reported to the Client about the evaluation’s findings and lessons learned, relevant information and evidence about the issues, and project challenges, opportunities and constraints.

Held a public presentation of the evaluation results for each of the three projects, for SEIO and relevant stakeholders.