Ex-Post Evaluation of the Project Improving the Delivery of Justice in the Courts of Serbia

Project Improving the Delivery of Justice in the Courts of Serbia


The Government of Norway has supported the reform of the Serbian judiciary since October 2000 and is among the most prominent members of the Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Justice Sector Support (MDTF-JSS). The project  "Improving the Delivery of Justice in the Courts in Serbia" was implemented during the period September 2007 - October 2010, with the overall goal of improving access to justice for all citizens in Serbia, in line with Serbian government priorities such as the National Judicial Reform Strategy and its goal of fulfilling the requirements for EU Accession. However, the project’s impacts, accomplishments and shortcomings had not previously been evaluated or described.


Evaluated the project against stated factors and project accountability with respect to the use of project funds, and identified its outputs, outcomes, impacts and effects.

Examined the meaningfulness and relevance of the project’s outcomes; the extent to which its goals were realistic and achievable; how effective and efficient the project was, and whether its outcomes, impacts and effects are sustainable.

Reported to the Client and to representatives of Serbian judiciary about the evaluation’s findings and lessons learned, relevant information and evidence about the issues, and project challenges, opportunities and constraints.

Held a public presentation of the results for the representatives of Serbian judiciary