‘Energy Efficiency in Buildings’ International Conference Moderation

‘Energy Efficiency in Buildings’ International Conference Moderation


The Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, surveys buildings, catalogues building types and energy consumption properties and catalogues energy efficiency improvement modes. It’s primary aim is formulation of a national building typology for Serbia in accordance with principles defined by the EU “TABULA” project. The Faculty has received support from GIZ in its efforts, including organization of a “building stock survey” conference and workshop, scheduled for 17th and 18th October 2012. GIZ sought support in moderating the conference/workshop and in preparation and distribution of the proceedings of the conference to a wider audience beyond the conference attendees.


Moderated the TABULA conference/workshop.

Compiled and analyzed the available documentation materials from the conference/workshop.

Worked with a design company to prepare an approved concept for the publication.

Wrote the publication’s English and Serbian texts.

Incorporated additional documentation from a campaign and field test for issuance of an Energy Passport in Serbia into the conference/workshop publication.