Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Needs Assessment Study of LGS and Private Sector in 12 SEE (NALAS-member)

Assessment of the private sector capacities and local government Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy needs in SEE countries.


Assess local government and private sector EE/RE needs/capacities in assigned NALAS-member countries - Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey.


Extent and interest of municipalities for investment/partnership projects with the private sector in improving service delivery, increasing local economic development levels and creating new value in all municipal services areas, with a special focus on EE/RE Sources

Projected municipal EE/RE projects in the next 5 years

Extent of capabilities and interest of the private sector in investment/partnership projects with local governments in all areas, especially EE/RE

Projected private sector EE/RE investment strategies and projects in the next 5 years

Value drivers, market opportunities, and obstacles against partnerships projects between the two sectors

Workable matchmaking tools and mechanisms for both local governments and the private sector

The interest of local governments and the private sector to use NEXPO 2013 as a matchmaking platform

Surveyed local governments and private sector in 12 NALAS-member countries online

Conducted and in-depth assessment of private sector in 6 countries (DCG was responsible for Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey)

In-depth assessment of the local government needs in (Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey)

Preparation of recommendations for the matchmaking platform

Preparation of the final report with key findings, lessons learned and recommendations

Preparation and design of NEXPO 2013 brochure with a summary of needs assessment results, LG project Catalogue, EE and RE firm Catalogue

Presentation of the findings to the NALAS Advisory Board