Development of a Biomass Market in Serbia

Development of a Biomass Market in Serbia


Serbia’s energy production capacity faces significant challenges after years of lack of investment, conflict and over-reliance on traditional fossil fuels, which contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Brown coal is a primary source of power, but extraction causes environmental issues and power production facilities are antiquated and inefficient. Water powered electrical generation also faces significant redevelopment issues, requiring substantial investment. However, Serbia has considerable renewable energy source potential – estimated to be over 3.8 million tons of oil equivalent as of 2009, with biomass making up over 60% of that amount. As a part of the German Climate Protection Initiative, Germany has sought to fund, through the KfW Development Bank,

Development of a market for biomass in energy production in Serbia. KfW has required technical and project support in implementing its biomass market development project. DCG provides technical support to project implementation.


Developed and maintained contacts and relationships to Project partners, clients and ministries, and the project’s home office in Germany

Analyzed potential new projects in line with agreed programme priorities between its partners and KfW

Continuously researched, monitored and reported on biomass sector developments, focusing on specific Serbian projects

Provided general support to the Belgrade KfW Office

Supported donor coordination initiatives towards biomass implementation