Improvement of Certification Process , Information Dissemination and Institution Building

Improvement of Certification Process , Information Dissemination and Institution Building


DAI`s Preparedness, Planning and Economic Security (PPES) project, formerly known as Serbia Contingency Planning and Economic Security - (SCOPES), built Serbian local government capacities to adequately respond  to emergency situations and provide necessary  support to vulnerable populations helping local governments to become more disaster-resilient by introducing them to a sustainable and systematic approach to disaster management. Provided training and follow-up technical assistance to help local governments establish functioning local disaster management teams and develop disaster management plans. PPES sought assistance with evaluating local governments' disaster management capacity improvements, certifying their disaster resilience levels, and helping the project to effectively internally and externally communicate the results of its activities.


Assessed the existing training skills and developmental needs of relevant PPES trainers

Designed a programme for continual improvement of PPES trainers' training skills

Recommended improvements to training approach, delivery methods and format

Recommended improvements to existing training materials and drafted new training modules

Created and prepared PPES participant and trainers manuals

Improved project information dissemination, establishing a more proactive approach towards information and outreach needs and better linking information collection with delivery to clients and the public

Improved management of project "visibility events - planned events and prepared press releases

Created success stories, monthly bulletins, annual work plans, semi-annual reports, etc., for release to project clients

Assessed the project's existing certification methodology and recommended improvements

Prepared PPES local government disaster management process certification guidelines

Prepared a PPES certification manual for local government enhanced disaster resilience status/qualification

Wrote periodic bulletins and success stories concerning project activities for submission to the PPES client

Prepared CTO Approval Requests, RFAs, RFPs, final reports, etc. for submission to USAID

Wrote all MOUs, briefing books, press releases, calendar events, project input to client information requests, website materials, etc.

Interfaced between the project and the client's Public Relations/Media competence group

Provided institution and capacity building to the National Training Center for Emergency Management