DCG’s staff and key consultants have decades of cumulative experience training public and corporate sector clients. DCG emphasizes process-oriented training, tailored to the specific needs of each of its clients, and interactive involvement of students and faculty. DCG’s training staff apply an experience-proven, “what, who, why, how and when” methodology to all client service activities in order to create a comprehensive intervention strategy of clearly defined objectives, activities and evaluation indicators – making the most efficient use of the client’s resources.

In addition to meeting client goals through training tailored to effectively deliver development themes, DCG develops its own training products – unique training packages, methodologies and software solutions that are more applicable to and more easily understood in the settings of the transitional societies it works with. Within its corporate training curriculum, DCG has developed a core of over 20 training topics, designed to enhance business communications, efficiency and competitiveness within developing economies. Skills and knowledge building of public and corporate sector trainees to provide basic proficiency or advanced capacity as needed.



Training needs assessments.

Curriculum development, design and publication.

Training program organizational planning, budgeting and scheduling.

Classroom training, workplace developmental assistance, study tours, seminars, conferences.

Training quality assurance oversight, training of trainers, trainer skills development.

Training impact and effectiveness assessments, training program monitoring and evaluation.