PROMIS (Project Management Information System) is a software solution tailored for consultancy agencies, providing project managers with real time data exchange capabilities within a team, and adding flexibility and efficiency to daily routines. This internet based database makes data accessible from any point of the globe, with a high level of data security. PROMIS is also a monitoring tool, enabling clients of the company using it to have closer view of a project`s implementation in real time.

Management Information System project launched in cooperation with Vihor Niš and  consulting company DCG from Belgrade. Allows quick and easy monitoring of all aspects of project implementation in real time. Removes all obstacles to the successful progress of the project, its activities and results.

Simple and easy access to information which follows: sources of financing, an indicative date of publication of the competition, the value of the project, appointed a project manager, project status, the outcome of the competition. PROMIS gives project manager complete overview of the main aspects of the project in terms of facilitating the planning and implementation.

Clear visibility of the project, better communication between people involved in the project, partners and customers, complete management of design data, efficient and easily accessible archive. Easy monitoring of projects/grants/contracts, enhanced project management, financial management part of the project. 

PROMIS posibilities

It enables rapid exchange of information between people on the ground, and the project manager, because the field offices are automatically associated with the central project database through the Promis server. All you need is an Internet connection between the two locations.

In Promise you can keep all the necessary information related to the project staff, including the CV`s of key people on the project, contacts and other important biographical information, then the place of work, daily activities, work hours and billing plate.

All project activities - current and planned, they can be entered into the calendar, which can be seen as an integrated, unified view all weekly activities of all projects, or for each individual project.

All project financial transactions will be easily monitored and divided by categories: consultants fees, transport, accommodation, materials, per diems, etc. This allows project managers to know at any moment the financial situation of each individual project and perform a graphical representation of income and expenses - by simply pressing the desired button.