What is e-Procurement? 

e-Procurement is the first and the only electronic solution in Serbia that allows easy, efficient and complete management of public procurement procedures – from annual planning to contract execution. 


Who should use e-Procurement? 

e-Procurement is a simple and user-friendly public procurement management software for ordering entities. It easily guides public procurement officials through the entire process and guarantees doing business according to the law and public procurement principles. With e-Procurement, public procurement officials are safer - there is less possibility to make a mistake or miss a step in a procedure.


What does e-Procurement offer?

e-Procurement offers an integrated system for keeping all procurements in one place and allows you instant access to all information you need.

e-Procurement provides everything you need to start and conduct a public procurement procedure but, also, to monitor budget and contract execution and to produce comprehensive reports in various formats.


Why do you need e-Procurement?

e-Procurement helps you work more efficiently and economically. Everything you need to start a procurement procedure is in one place:

A library of all laws and regulations;

A comprehensive list of all human resources who can serve on the public procurement commission, with information about their qualifications, knowledge and experience;

Easy access to information about bidders;

Your organization’s budget to rely on;

Public procurement plan;

All the necessary templates to help you produce tender documents.

With e-Procurement, information about public procurement becomes transparent by one click of the right button:

It allows you to automatically export information about public procurements to your organization’s website;

Reporting for various purposes becomes easy, readily available and non-time-consumable.

e-Procurement promotes competition:

Interested and qualified bidders get immediate access to information about the current and upcoming opportunities;

It helps you get a greater number of bids and, thus, better value for money.

e-Procurement ensures equal treatment of all bidders:

Automatic registration of submitted bidders, with an instantly printed receipt;

Open and transparent bid opening, with a possibility to monitor it on the big screen;

Automatic generation of bid opening report;

Instant information about the outcome on the website.


What can e-Procurement do for you?

e-Procurement can save your time and money.

All steps in the process are clearly defined, data are entered in a simple and quick manner, with no duplication, time spent on reporting is minimal, a single database allows for an efficient search system and easy access to all documents related to each procurement.

All needed documents are automatically generated. The embedded document management system allows the use of available templates to produce documents within each step of the public procurement data, by entering specific data in the given fields. Complete evidence of all public procurements is in one place, bureaucracy is minimized, public procurement officials are directly linked with the financial department, the software supports immediate budget tracking through accounts.

e-Procurement supports accountable management of public funds

Citizens know that public procurement is one of the focal points of corruption and are very interested in how the tax payers’ money is spent on capital investments, public works, representation, creating conditions for capital investments, etc.

Public procurements need to be public – by publishing information about them, public institutions send a positive message to citizens, business sector and future investors;

All non-confidential documents can be exported to the website and made available to the public. Annual public procurement plan, decisions and information on contract, etc. The software provides a tracking system of all procurements – it afford can be automatically exported to the website information how many times and how frequently each company was contracted, how the contract was executed, the total amount spent on each procurement type, etc.

e-Procurement can help you get better value for money.

Information about procurements on the website ensures that all interested bidders will be reached, without territorial limitations. 

An electronically published annual procurement plan serves as a pre-tender notice, which allows bidders to prepare for upcoming tenders in advance. Better competition means lower offers and better quality of goods, services and works – better value for money.

e-Procurement promotes fair play.

Fair play means open competition based on clearly defined specifications and criteria. The system provides an option for public proposal opening monitored on the screen. The written record is immediately produced and distributed to bidders on the spot. Automatic ponder calculation ensures impartiality of the Public Procurement Committee and higher motivation for bidders to enter a public procurement procedure.


How does e-Procurement work?

e-Procurement is based on a full understanding of an entire public procurement procedure: the procedure starts with planning, and ends with contract execution – acquisition of the desired quality of goods, services and public works.

It easily leads you through all elements of procurement planning and helps you complete a comprehensive annual plan, in the legally required format.

It allows you to communicate with the financial department directly through the system.

It helps you define all elements of the Decision on the Commencement of a Public Procurement procedure and instantly complete it.

It makes the record of received bids easy, reliable and professional.

It allows you to open bids transparently, instantly generate and print the bid opening record.

It automatically calculates ponders and creates the bidders’ ranking list.

It makes contract execution and quality control easy and accurate.

Reporting to the Municipal Assembly, Public Procurement Agency and citizens is no longer a distraction.


What are the technical requirements for e-Procurement?

The procurement tool e-Procurement is a user-friendly desktop application - the internet connection is necessary only when new data/software versions are updated, or when information is exported to the user’s website/public procurement web-page.

Minimum preliminary technical requirements that each user must fulfill include installed MS Windows XP Professional and SQL server. All Serbian local governments are well-equipped with the entire package, due to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on free transfer of knowledge and technology between Microsoft and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The software is designed to work within local area connection, which allows access and different levels of use by the authorized local government personnel – officials in charge of financial management/public procurement process, through a password system.

e-Prourement works even in average conditions!

Recommended/minimum client computer configuration: Hardware: RAM: 1GB; Processor: 1,6GHz; Hard Disc: 80GB; LAN 100Mbps; graphics S-VGA(1024x768). Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista. e-Procurement is an information system based on WinForms Microsoft .NET technology. If the client does not have MSSQL Server installed, along with the software, we will install SQL-Express 2005, free of charge, sufficient for e-Procurement to function.