Preparation of an action plan for LED offices

Preparation of an action plan for LED offices

Date: March 2015.


For all local governments whether in be in Serbia, the Balkans, Europe or the world, it is increasingly difficult to sustainably develop a local economy, to attract as many investors, to keep successful companies, to reduce unemployment, to increase export revenues, to develop local brands and to support the innovation and introduction of new technologies. To a local self-government to be ahead of the competition and to be recognized in the market, it must primarily have the appropriate people with the necessary knowledge and skills. It should also be handled with adequate data to have a clearly defined strategy, a variety of tools and of course political support.

Even among local governments who have perpetrated a step ahead, we have less and more successful ones. The purpose of this manual is to point out the reasons for such a situation and to draw attention to precisely what makes the difference. Our goal is to help cities and municipalities to the potential investors and existing successful companies that want to expand your business, prepare an offer "they cannot refuse", which will force them to come, to stay here and continue to expand their business.