Corrupt Cities

Corrupt Cities

Date: March 2007.


Translated/published Corrupt Cities (Robert Klitgaard, Ronald MacLean-Abaroa, H. Lindsey Parris, Institute for Contemporary Studies/The World Bank Institute, 2000).

Undertook a phased, anti-corruption project in the SE Europe region to sensitize regional officials to the problems associated with corruption and offer practical solutions for addressing corrupt practices.

Translated and published the book, Corrupt Cities into the Albanian, Macedonian and Serbian languages. Introduced the translated versions of Corrupt Cities at appropriated regional conferences, events, etc. Pilot training within selected regional venues using the translated book and a companion training toolkit:  “Restore The Health Of Your Organization – A Practical Guide To Curing And Preventing Corruption In Local Governments And Communities” prepared by the Romanian NGO, FPDL. Potential expanded training interventions, based upon lessons learned from the pilot program, and available for use by major anti-corruption program donors.


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