About us


Development Consulting Group (DCG) is a growing Serbian company offering consulting services and technical assistance to local and international clients - both in Serbia and abroad. Founded by a diverse group of Serbian and international development professionals, DCG has delivered development consulting projects in Serbia and the surrounding region since 2005, applying our trademark methodology of taking a simultaneous, "bottom up - top down" approach to analyzing and solving development issues. Our experts and consultants deliver practical and sustainable development solutions, tailored to the development environment and the client's requirements, respecting local capacities, and getting the most efficient use from project resources.

Our vision is to become a leading Serbian and regional development consulting firm, distinguished by the quality of our services, and known for delivering timely, tangible benefits to our clients.


DCG provides development consulting services to national and international clients - and government and non-governmental beneficiaries - in the areas of economic development, communications and public outreach, local government financial management, citizen services improvement, public policy development, client and beneficiary training, performance monitoring and evaluation, institutional capacity building and development, communal services / public utilities improvement, public procurement reform and institutionalization, public entity IT support, and anti-corruption awareness and support activities.


DCG is able to call on a large number of Serbian and international professionals to deliver development services in all of its areas of expertise and completely satisfy client goals.